RTS Delivers Hub-Connected Ag-Machinery Test System

RENK Test System, the parent company of RENK Systems Corporation, recently delivered an end-of-line test stand to agricultural equipment manufacturer Krone, located in Spelle, Germany.  The system features four dynamic load units that connect to the test vehicle’s four drive hubs to enable drivetrain and brake testing.  A fifth load unit connects to the front and rear power take-offs for load-testing these auxiliary outputs.

                                   Two Axle Functional Test Stand

Krone, which began in 1906 as a blacksmith workshop, is now a leading global manufacturer of agricultural machinery and specializes in the manufacture of hay and forage equipment.  Krone North America—the single largest export market for Krone products—began operations in the United States in 1973 and is based in Memphis, Tennessee.  Krone North America has more than 350 dealerships supported by their offices in Memphis, as well as offices in Reno, Nevada and warehouses in the U.S. and Canada.

source: RENK