MESYS AG presents its software for shaft and bearing analysis at the Bearing Reliability Conference in Dortmund

MESYS AG in Zurich (Switzerland) provides software for shaft and bearing analysis which is used by customers in 25 countries worldwide.


The rolling bearing calculation determines the load distribution within the bearing and calculates life according ISO/TS 16281. This allows to take operating clearance and tilting angles into account. For high speed ball bearings also centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments can be considered. For roller bearings the profile on roller and races can be defined and its effect on the load distribution can be evaluated.

The rolling bearing calculation is available as standalone application or integrated into a shaft calculation.

The shaft calculation software allows the definition of shafts using cylindrical or conical elements. Several types of load elements and boundary conditions are available. The nonlinear stiffness of rolling bearings is taken into account and an additional housing stiffness matrix can be defined. As results deflections, contact stress in rolling bearings, bearing life, shaft strength according DIN 743 and natural frequencies are available.

The shaft calculation can be extended to a shaft system calculation with coupling of shafts by gears and belts. This allows to run a calculation of a whole gearbox. Interfaces to gear calculation programs allow a combined calculation of shafts, bearing and gears.


Load spectra can be considered allowing variation of loading, position of loads, rotation speeds and temperatures. Parameter variations additionally allow variation of bearing clearances, misalignments and many other parameters.

The modal analysis of shaft systems provides natural frequencies and mode shapes which can be shown as animation. Also harmonic response to periodic loads like imbalance can be calculated.
Results are available in reports, tables and graphics in several languages. Custom report templates can be used to customize the outputs.

For additional information visit us at the Bearing Reliability Conference in Dortmund on March 22-23 or contact:

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