DUNLOP is Introducing Sprockets & Roller Chains


Roller chain is the most common form of power transmission.

Consisting of short cylindrical rollers joined together by side links. It interlinks with the sprocket teeth and rotation between the two creates reliable and efficient power transmission.

With this in mind you want to make sure that both QUALITY to the highest spec and VALUE for money are at the forefront. DUNLOP products give you BOTH!


Sprockets are available with either a pilot or taper bore, the latter designed for use with pre-machined taper bushes that are finished with the required bore and key way size.


Pilot bore sprockets are manufactured to internationally recognized standards (British & American). Produced from C45 steel, they have a black phosphate finish to increase corrosion resistance, so extending the sprockets working life.

We have 1/4″ to 2″ pitch is available from stock to suit and in a wide range of materials and finishes such as steel, stainless steel and nickel plated. Such components will permit the functioning of precision a gear system.

Roller Chain

DUNLOP Roller chains are used on a wide range of applications from bicycles to industrial and agricultural machinery.


They are available in ‘Simplex’, ‘Duplex’ and ‘Triplex’ and in varying range of materials and plating options, such as stainless steel, nickel plated, and zinc plated.

DUNLOP also offers attachments which are available along with connecting links and single
and double offset links.

Roller chain and sprockets provide high power, synchronous drive systems and are manufactured from high quality materials and finished to tight dimensional tolerances.

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